Premier Paddle Sports is focused on providing our dealers and customers the finest paddling products. Our community of retailers, manufacturers, customers, and athletes all share the same passion for being on the water and paddling. No matter the craft; Stand-Up, Outrigger, Surfski, Kayak, or Surfboard, our team is committed to making sure your equipment enhances your paddling experience and performance.


Ozone was established in 1991, concurrent with the renaissance of the OC1. Building on the success of the Hurricane, we set out to create a state of the art factory to offer canoes to a worldwide audience.

Efficiency, whether in hull shape, construction or distribution, is the constant motivator in our decision making. It's what took us from hand made plugs to 3D models, from shop to factory, and from selling canoes on the beach to going beyond the beach into the global market.

We take this concept further as we evolve and progress. We partner with the world's best canoe designers. We team with paddling community leaders to serve customers around the globe. We nurture new markets and promote events to support our growing ohana.

We are committed to creating a great experience for our customers. Our new Ozone Inventory System, OIS, vastly simplifies finding the right canoe from concept to delivery. We, the paddlers and designers of ozone, are available via phone, email and online chat to answer your questions.

Born from the love of the ocean, we hope to share the experience with all those who would venture.


Epic Kayaks Inc. was founded by Greg Barton. Greg is a multiple World Paddling Champion and won 4 Olympic medals at 3 Olympic games for the USA.


Sunova Surfboards are the manufacturers of high performance composite sandwich surfboards. Under the tutelage of Shaper of the Year, and legendary shaper Bert Burger, Sunova have been pioneering the use of parabolic balsa rails and veneer skinned surfboards for over 20 years.

Originating out of Mandurah, Western Australia, Bert has been leading the way in lightweight surfboards built with an emphasis on strength and flex to create epoxy surfboards which are not only strong surfboards lasting much longer than the industry standard PU boards, but high performance surfboards.

With the development in the sport of surfing by surfers such as Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Julian Wilson andDane Reynolds, Sunova Surfboards is leading the trend in modern surfboard design. If you just want your shortboard or longboard to go better than other surfboards in the water, or you are tired of disposable surfboards, then Sunova surfboards have a surfboard model for you. Bert Burger has been pioneering the design of durable surfboards for over 20 years with an emphasis on parabolic rail surfboards, with advancements in materials, and construction methods, which are industry standards these days.

Sunova – 20 years of advanced composite construction you can trust.


Go Foil has changed the face of surfing and stand-up paddle boarding forever, redefining what you thought was possible.


James Casey Standup
Epic Skis At the Gorge
Foil Standup
Ozone Kai Wa'a - Kai Bartlett
Sunova and Go Foil!
James, Joe & Kai at Waterman's Weekend, Rockaway Beach
Jeff Flying High on the Foil
Sunova at Rockaway Beach


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