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Our time on the water affords us the opportunity to escape the rigors of daily life. Premier Paddle Sports believes that your equipment should reflect the importance of that precious time. We are focused on supplying premium paddling products for dawn patrol at your favorite break, your evening group workout, weekend competitions, or fun family time. Our community of retailers, manufacturers, customers & athletes all share the same passion for being on the water. No matter the craft; Stand- Up, Outrigger, Surfski, Kayak, or Surfboard, our team is committed to enhancing your overall experience.


Blending state of the art manufacturing, great designs and a passion for paddling, Ozone has become the leader in outrigger canoes. Their attention to detail and focus on the paddler has resulted in the lightest, fastest, and strongest outrigger canoes available. What truly sets Ozone apart is their ohana spirit and the bond they create with their customers and dealers.

You know when it's right. The first time we met the Sunova team and surfed one of their SUPs, there was instant chemistry. Each Sunova SUP and Surfboard is the result of innovative design and a unique production process. Owning their own design and manufacturing ensures each step is done the Sunova way. The boards are so attractive, you will want to display them on your wall, but the performance and durability demand you keep them in the water.

Go Foil has changed the face of surfing and stand-up paddle boarding forever, redefining what you thought was possible. Once you try it, there is no going back!

Our relationship with Epic started 5 years ago at a dinner in Stevenson, Washington. We were there for the famous Wild Side Surfski Race. After one conversation with the owners of Epic, it was apparent that our shared passion for paddling and premium surfskis would make a perfect partnership. Epic continues to deliver new surfskis and kayaks focused on performance and overall enjoyment.